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Spring Concerts: Some Nights the Storm is Passing, so Let’s Go Down to the River to Rejoice

Here is some video of the Spring Concert Advanced Choir performances. This year we were blessed to have very strong girls so we opened with an ambitious French piece just to show them off before the men joined us.  Even though … Continue reading

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staff talent: and other oxymorons

Bethraham took a more active role in this year’s Staff Talent Show, as these videos attest.  A word about the Jayhawks: I feel that this band is a world’s greatest illustration that you don’t have to be especially attractive, charismatic, … Continue reading

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green day vs. bryan adams: a pentecostal teen worship leader’s dilemma

A few weeks ago a woodstock parent who lives on the hillside grabbed me as I was walking through the quad.  She was helping to mentor the youth at her church, a small local hindi-speaking pentecostal congregation, and she wanted … Continue reading

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Spring Concerts: Gloria! Billy Joel Never Created Salvation

This year the Advanced Choir grew considerably thank to some favorable scheduling and hopefully some favorable momentum as well.  It’s been a challenge to program for this group because it includes Indian kids who have never sung chorally and have … Continue reading

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brigadoon: do you believe in musicals?

This year Bethany moved from the music department to the English department to take over the open drama position.  It just happened to coincide with a directive from the English department head to produce a musical.  Initially he wanted to … Continue reading

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quarter breakings 2011: hello, rishikesh

This quarter break we went to Rishikesh with our good friend Amy. If you know the name Rishikesh and are not Indian, it’s probably because John, Paul, George and Ringo visited in 1968 to learn Transcendental Meditation from the Maharishi … Continue reading

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spring concerts: the lion bless your bohemian blackbird death

This is long overdue, but here are a few fruits of our labor this semester, from serious to ridiculous. This semester Abe started a 16 voice audition-only chamber group.  They were fun to work with because you basically just had to … Continue reading

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