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Indian Cooking Lesson #1: Chicken Biryani, Chicken Curry & Chapati

We head to the U.S. on Saturday for a visit with family. I want to make an Indian meal while we are there, but I realized that I don’t really know how to make any Indian food! This is a … Continue reading

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Salads of Woodstock: a photo essay of culinary near misses

The second biggest development this semester at Woodstock concerns the addition of a salad bar in the cafeteria.  Our new principal has been very eager to improve the dining experience at Woodstock, both in terms of taste and nutrition.  It’s … Continue reading

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Activity Week 2012: Bangalore

Every year, Woodstock sends all the senior school students out for an activity week during fall semester.  Typically they go on treks or visit villages or do service projects.  Seniors get to plan their own activity week activities and this … Continue reading

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quarter breakings: a weekend with beth and sethany

We were blessed to have Bethany’s brother Seth visit us at the end of September. He was in the country for three weeks for professional reasons, providing musical events for some ministries in South India, and was able to finagle … Continue reading

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cultural elitism and plastic sporks: USA 1; India 0

As I see it, there are two mistakes travelers make when visiting other countries.  One is to pine incessantly for the comforts and customs of one’s own homeland and lament the poor service/food/manners/transportation/technological amenities/etc…of the foreign country so loudly that … Continue reading

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school daze: to make a long story short

We’ve both committed to some additional responsibilities (chamber choir, basketball) and so this semester has been infinitely busier than last.  We are dealing with a serious blogging backlog, but Bethany is in Delhi this weekend for a basketball tournament, so … Continue reading

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more of junk food: if 7th graders ruled the world

One of the things we find most difficult about being here is the food.  We love Indian food as much as the next American but are usually underwhelmed at lunch time.  Cafeteria food rarely impresses, but it can actually be … Continue reading

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