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Ek Tha Bethraham: time to pick out a dress for the emmys

Some of you didn’t believe it when we said that we were conquering Indian media.  Well, the proof is out, and as these clips attest, I (abe) am this generation’s Keanu Reeves, though with a slightly better wardrobe. For any … Continue reading

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celebrity update: bethraham takes bollywood

This is the story of how Bethraham came to dominate Indian media. Several weeks back we received a phone call out of the blue in which a man asked if we were available for a filming.  Sure, we said, not … Continue reading

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brigadoon: do you believe in musicals?

This year Bethany moved from the music department to the English department to take over the open drama position.  It just happened to coincide with a directive from the English department head to produce a musical.  Initially he wanted to … Continue reading

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Activity Week: Drama in Delhi

This year Bethraham led an activity week that was theatre-focused.  The week began with a camping trip to nearby Flag Hill.  As the legend goes, this is where Tibetan refugees could, on a clear day, see the mountains of Tibet, … Continue reading

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