Spring Concerts: Some Nights the Storm is Passing, so Let’s Go Down to the River to Rejoice

Here is some video of the Spring Concert Advanced Choir performances. This year we were blessed to have very strong girls so we opened with an ambitious French piece just to show them off before the men joined us.  Even though the men were less experienced, I was especially proud of how far they progressed over the course of the year.  They went from barely matching pitch to singing credibly separate bass and tenor lines.  And with gusto, even! Listen to the lusty men’s solos on the Vivaldi!

Several people remarked afterward that this was the best Advanced Concert they had ever seen at Woodstock.  I don’t disagree, and I’m sad to say goodbye to all the seniors who carried the bulk of the load this year.

Dirait-on (Lauridsen) All Earth Rejoice with a Gladsome Voice (Vivaldi/Hopson) Down in the River to Pray (Hafso) The Storm is Passing Over (Tindley) Some Nights (fun.)


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