Ek Tha Bethraham: time to pick out a dress for the emmys

Some of you didn’t believe it when we said that we were conquering Indian media.  Well, the proof is out, and as these clips attest, I (abe) am this generation’s Keanu Reeves, though with a slightly better wardrobe.

For any of these clips, you can scan through with your cursor to see the parts that we’re in. Here we are awkwardly answering questions about the murder of the Rani (a wealthy lady in town). Scenes start at 7:50 and 15:45:

Here we are carrying a fake baby while awkwardly answering questions on the murder of the Rani. Scene starts at 11:40:

In this scene I have inexplicably donned an indoor scarf, and we are doing what white missionaries ALWAYS do: sit around the house playing guitar and singing christmas carols. Scene starts at 3:15:

Here is my Hindi line in all it’s glory.  I showed this to some Indian students and they thought it was hilarious, mostly because I conjugated it as if I were female. Scene starts at 6:40:


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One Response to Ek Tha Bethraham: time to pick out a dress for the emmys

  1. He really nails you on the perception of time in India.

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