Valentines 2013: how to get your own private restaurant

For Valentine’s day this year we decided to go out to dinner, which is something of a rarity for us.  I surprised Bethany by taking her on a very cold scooter ride down to Jaypee, which is the THE luxury hotel in Mussoorie. We were so into each other that we felt like the only ones in the room.  Oh wait, we were the only ones in the room.

Now, winter is the offseason in these parts, which may explain the sparse crowd at Jaypee.  We felt like we had the entire sprawling restaurant to ourselves.  Oh wait, we did.

Despite the desolation, the food was excellent.  The band was even better.  It was like they were playing only for us.  Oh wait, they were.  Check out this romantic tune:

And another even more romantic one (provided you overlook the death by drowning in icy waters):

Finally, a very lonely looking Bethany makes a cameo:


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