Activity Week 2012: Bangalore

Every year, Woodstock sends all the senior school students out for an activity week during fall semester.  Typically they go on treks or visit villages or do service projects.  Seniors get to plan their own activity week activities and this year we were asked to chaperone a group of 10 seniors to Bangalore. Yejin’s mother runs a ministry there, so we went to help with their after school program.  And also to shop and visit theme parks.

If you ask us, the best part of the trip (aside from working with kids, making a difference, serving the poor, blah blah blah) was eating American-sized portions of Korean food. 

IMG_3633 IMG_3627

Chaperoning this group was quite easy and we enjoyed seeing Bangalore.  It was a good opportunity to get to know this promising and musical group of seniors a bit more before they graduated.  Yejin’s mother runs a ministry in the city through a neighborhood church which involves after-school activities for neighborhood kids, meals, clothing swaps and other community outreach.  It really felt like a very healthy, constructive operation and we were impressed with the people running it, who were almost all young single men and one middle-aged Korean woman.

IMG_3607 IMG_3696 IMG_3652 IMG_3674 IMG_3717

One day we took the church van out to a very small town (village) outside of town.  The church has an ongoing relationship and ministry with this particular village and frequently comes out to preach and do activities with the kids.  We played games in the adjacent field with a very spirited group of children.

IMG_3726 IMG_3732 IMG_3751 IMG_3755


At one point a drunkard appeared, staggered along the sideline, passed out and fell into a bush. He didn’t move the entire afternoon.

After games, lunch arrived in a giant tub and was served to all with a small shovel.

IMG_3769 IMG_3729


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