monsoon, monkeys and media: three things bethraham dominates

“several Indians ran and completed the race, and here’s a picture of a white woman.”

Well, the hills are alive once again with ferns and mossy undergrowth, the trails have been transformed into streambeds, and our closets bear the familiar scent of mildew.  The kids are back in dorms and we just finished our first full week of classes.  The sights and smells of this season bring back all kinds of memories for us and how Bethraham’s domination of Indian media has unfolded.

During our first fall here we posted some pictures, one of which depicted a langur wallah (monkey trainer) with his majestic langur friend, who was working on campus. Shortly thereafter, former Woodstock staff living in Chicago were watching an evening news report about the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.  In a segment about how CG officials had brought in langurs to keep the rhesus monkeys at bay, they recognized a photo from Woodstock’s campus and forwarded the video to our alumni relations office, who forwarded the photo to someone else who recognized it from our blog and forwarded the news story to us.  And there was our photo in a Chicago evening news about the Delhi Commonwealth Games. When we contacted the news agency about using it without permission they claimed they found it on a public domain photo source or some other nonsense, but we didn’t press the issue because their negligence contributed to our fame.

Later that year, Bethany ran an 8k “10k race” in Dehradun with other staff and students. Though she finished 6th in her age/gender group, she was the first white woman to finish, which is why she was quickly swarmed after crossing the finish line and ended up on the front page of the Garwhal Post.

That the Post is a top-notch journalistic operation was confirmed just a few months later when our Bandarpunch expedition made the pages due to a warrant being issued for our arrest while we were sleeping on a glacier.  Of course nobody was actually arrested, but nevertheless Bethraham’s media shadow grew a bit taller.

Last year we found ourselves cast in an Indian TV show about a famous writer living in Mussoorie. By playing American missionaries suspected of murder, Bethraham demonstrated a new versatility as Thespians in that we are capable of playing anything from badly-dressed American missionaries to badly-dressed Canadian missionaries equally convincingly.

This fall Bethraham conquered viral media when the reputable high-brow news outlet Right This Minute did a breaking news story about our vacation video.  Not only that, but can you believe what Kim Kardashian has been wearing lately??  OMG.

It’s a bit of a dirty business, but we are finding that our new global fame suits us.  Please know that when we move to Mumbai to become Bollywood A-listers, we will remember you fondly as “the people who helped us get here” and who “never stopped believing in us.” So if you’d like a shoutout from the stage at the Indian oscars, just leave us a comment below to remind us how you helped us become huge global celebrities.


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  1. Dea Irby says:

    but wait, you left out the national coverage of the Brigadoon production!

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