excursion #1: pangong lake was tso beautiful

After a couple days rest in Leh, we headed out to the Pangong Tso, a famous high-altitude lake that sits on the border between India and China. Pangong Tso is 83 miles long (most of which is actually in China), and sits at 14,270′.  At five hours’ drive from Leh, is apparently a popular tourist day trip.

The drive there, like any drive in Ladakh, is brimming with spectacular scenery.  The landscape changes constantly and on this ride the green hillsides and snow melt eventually gave way to barren piles of rock of varying sizes.  We came out of a winding valley and suddenly there in the distance was this expanse of otherworldly colors.  There was nothing there but a few parachute (tented) cafes and a small herd of very-out-of-place gulls.

There’s nothing to do there but walk around staring at the water. For the hours we spent on the shore we simply could not stop taking pictures. The problem is that as the clouds drifted and the light changed, the water would shift colors before your eyes. The effect was mesmerizing, not unlike watching a fire or the ocean. So here is .0001% of our photo haul for the day.  Someone had to document each shade, dangit!


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2 Responses to excursion #1: pangong lake was tso beautiful

  1. kelly says:

    Are those pictures for real? They look too beautiful to be a real place…but there you are.

  2. 2hoovers says:

    seriously. so, so, so beautiful! hope your anniversary was wonderful also!

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