staff talent: and other oxymorons

Bethraham took a more active role in this year’s Staff Talent Show, as these videos attest.  A word about the Jayhawks: I feel that this band is a world’s greatest illustration that you don’t have to be especially attractive, charismatic, or virtuosic to be a great rock band.  You just need great songs, performed with complete honesty.

I picked up some Jayhawks albums several years back and never really listened that much.  But for whatever reason they’ve been on frequent repeat here in India.  We have a ritual: every time one of their songs pops up on the playlist, I say something to Bethany like, “Man, I really like the Jayhawks.  Isn’t this great?”  And then she says, “You always say that when the Jayhawks come on.”

So a Minnesotan dorm parent (Devan) and I were discussing how it would be great to do something solid like this so the kids could hear some authentic non-commerical american rock (as opposed to say, Katy Perry).  We eventually settled on a cover of this.

For my (abe’s) song, I dithered and dithered but ultimately decided to do something I thought the kids would appreciate that had room to be over-the-top enough to be memorable.  So we chose this classic from the Killers.  Don’t miss the special guests at the end.

One of the things I (abe) have loved about India is the opportunity to express myself through modern dance.  Here is a sample of our most recent work, in which our troupe explores the complex relationship between agriculture, ecology and post-industrial communal living:

And with that, we’re off for a two week journey north, culminating in a stay in Leh.  We’ll try to post from the road.  When we return, Bethany’s cousin Kendall will visit us briefly in Mussoorie before flying back to the States.  We are very sad not to be stateside for the summer break, but just know that our winter break will be a good bit longer and we hope to spend considerable time with each of you then.


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3 Responses to staff talent: and other oxymorons

  1. 2hoovers says:

    that last one is awful! so sad! you always did have such a rock star voice abe. have a wonderful trip…miss you so much.

  2. Dea Irby says:

    thanks for posting these….loved them

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