worlds are colliding: and they’re killing homesick abe

We are already a month behind, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that our good friends Julia and the Johnsons came to visit last month.  It was a sweet visit for all involved and are thankful to have been able to give them a true Indian experience.  Julia saved the WS drama department $1500 by bringing 150lbs of casters from Atlanta in her checked baggage.  But beyond that, we’ve been told on several occasions having people visit you is the only way they will truly understand your Indian experience.

We puttered around Mussoorie for a few days until our quarter break began, when we piled into a small bus to take us to Neemrana. Here are a few pictures our excursion to the stepwell, just a short camel-cart ride from the Neemrana Palace hotel where we stayed.

entering the stepwell.


julia at the bottom of the stepwell.

view from the bottom of the stepwell

kathy conquers the flying fox.

Below the daring zip-liner in the picture above, you can see the Neemrana Fort Palace, a massive, sprawling, ancient-yet-beautifully-maintained structure set into the hillside above the town of Neemrana.  It’s the only place to stay in Neemrana.  But really, why would want to stay anywhere else?  It was the nicest place bethraham had stayed in since coming to India.  It had two pools, expansive buffets, a spa, ziplines, exotic evening entertainment and the best fresh lime sodas ever made.


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