brigadoon: do you believe in musicals?

This year Bethany moved from the music department to the English department to take over the open drama position.  It just happened to coincide with a directive from the English department head to produce a musical.  Initially he wanted to do Oliver, but due to the challenges of casting it, Bethany pushed for a compromise: Brigadoon, a 40’s-era tale of two Americans on a hunting trip in Scotland who stumble upon an anachronistic village that only appears for one day every 100 years.  Naturally, one of the Americans falls in love with a villager and must decide between his old (new) life in NY and his new (old) life in ancient rural Scotland.  As you might imagine, his soul-searching monologues are accompanied by requisite orchestral swells.

A musical is actually something of a rare event at Woodstock; nobody can remember the last time one was done.  However, according to the old-timers, Brigadoon was done exactly 50 years ago at Woodstock. Bethany was quite excited to direct it, having performed in the show a few times already.  But one question remained: where would we get all that plaid?

All in all, it was a smashing success.  Bethany pulled quite believable performances out of unseasoned kids, and it was gratifying to see the school bend over backward to help out.  Nearly 100 people were involved in one way or another.  The write-ups in the Garhwali Post and Hindustan Times are no longer up, but you can apparently still watch clips here.  Here are a few pictures from the performances.

a funeral for Harry Beaton.

tommy and fiona fall for each other during "Heather on the Hill"

charlie works the darymple charm in "Go Home With Bonnie Jean"

Jeanie's Packin' Up and for reasons unclear we're singing about it!

the pit band, which was actually more of a balcony band.


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