Activity Week: Drama in Delhi

This year Bethraham led an activity week that was theatre-focused.  The week began with a camping trip to nearby Flag Hill.  As the legend goes, this is where Tibetan refugees could, on a clear day, see the mountains of Tibet, so they hung prayer flags.  Now it’s mostly a place for bonfires and character-building exercises.

the circle of trust

the view east


evening guitar fuze

where's wiggins?

Upon returning to campus, we spent several days building sets and preparing Parker Hall to be Brigadooned.  One evening we took the kids down to Dehradun to see Doon School’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar in their outdoor theatre space.  It was a satisfying, if a bit surreal, performance.

Finally, we journeyed down to Delhi for some theatre workshops and took in a performance of Zangoora: the Gypsy Prince at Delhi’s most garish theme park: the inauspiciously-named Kingdom of Dreams.

the food court



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