health update: some helpful statistics

Some of you have heard I was sick again this week and have asked how I’m doing. Today I feel like I’m slowly stepping out of the woods–still a bit nauseous, weak and dehydrated, but thankfully no longer throwing up. This last round–the second of this short semester–was particularly brutal, and as you can see, I’m just not used to this level of pukishness*. In fact, I had more pukings** yesterday than I have in the past 13 years combined:

*a favorite excuse for woodstock students is a feeling of “pukishness”.  as in, “mrs. okie, may i be excused from music practice because i’m feeling kind of pukish.”

**in India, you may noun any verb by adding “ings”: suitings (clothes), timings (schedule), pukings (vomitings)


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2 Responses to health update: some helpful statistics

  1. 2hoovers says:

    i am so sorry you have been pukish again, but thank you for using it redemptively to make us all laugh. i am having laughings.

  2. kokie says:

    I’m sooooo sorry. I know it isn’t fun feeling sick in another country. I loved your graph 🙂

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