a blur of pictures: the fast and furious first quarter

we returned to India at the end of July; greeted by the rain of monsoons, surrounded by the aroma of mold and mildew.  the green menace appeared in the most unlikely places: on toilet paper rolls, on the insides of shoes, across the length of a leather belt, on every curve of my favorite, red, wooden bracelet.

fuzzy wuzzy

ah, clean

two weeks into our second year, we celebrated Indian independence day.  the biggest milestone might have been that i put my sari on all by myself.  for such a formal occasion, i also got mehndi put on my hands.  the biggest disappointment might have been that we forgot to bring our camera to such a beautiful event. i made sure  to take some self-portraits upon our return home.

feet in puddles

a bird in hand

wrapped in pink

we have been joined by four other southerners this year and to celebrate the companionship we invited one of the couples over for a southern feast.  even though the webbs have only been here for a month, they have already figured out how to make north carolina style pulled pork bbq.  added to my fried chicken, stewed potatoes, green beans, buttermilk biscuits and apple crumble pie, we dined in style.



since our arrival last year, we have been continually blessed to live beside pete and dot wildman.  they are constantly sharing their dinners, their groceries and their time with us.  just today, dot stopped by with this surprise tea snack.

proof that we have the best neighbors ever

since this year i have moved to the role of high school drama teacher, i decided (surprise, surprise) to do a musical for our fall show!  abe is helping out with musical direction and, along with a 32 person cast and about 10 staff on the production team, we are poised to launch a magnificent production of Brigadoon come this november.  if you would like to keep up-to-date on our work, visit our show blog.


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