cinq anniversaire: how to see paris in 12 hours or less

Thanks to Delta, our trip back to India took us through Paris, which meant we were actually in the city of lights just days before our 5 year wedding anniversary.  Even though it didn’t cost anything for the long layover, we bought some wine and cheese and called in an anniversary trip.

Despite almost no planning, our timing turned out to be impeccable.  First we arrived at Notre Dame just in time for the evening service.  Then we literally happened upon the post Tour-de-France festivities when we reached the finish line area. Lo and behold, there was Australian team preening in front of enthusiastic fans, though when we took these photos, we didn’t know that they actually won.

A few photos of the whirlwind tour:

notre dame (of hunchback, not rudy fame).


if it's blurry it's because the pipe organ was shaking the walls.

aussies celebrating.

louvre courtyard.


romantically expressive husband.

romantically responsive wife.

for the record, the beret was purchased in paris.


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2 Responses to cinq anniversaire: how to see paris in 12 hours or less

  1. Anita Mac says:

    Awesome – would love a lay over like that! Especially, the Tour de France – I watch it every year on tv and wish I could see it live! One of these years. And congrats again to Cadel Evans for winning the tour – couldn’t have gone to a more deserving racer!

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