lifetime movie of the week: mom and daughter take on india

My mom came to visit!! It was fun having her here at Woodstock during our ending concerts and recitals.

my voice student (rakchira shira) and me after her performance at the senior recital

Our first trip into the Bazaar and we stop at Cozy Corner for a snack and some chai.  Mom couldn’t help herself and she had to peek into the “kitchen”.

trying to steal the secret recipe

Mom was with us on the mountain for a week and in that time she helped host a choir party, helped me with some classes, cooked dinner for ladies’ craft night, made an AMAZING high tea for school, toured around with our friend Jill Wilkens for two days, helped our friend Nivedit with her brand new cafe and put in about 15 miles of walking all over the place with us!

Then it was time for a little vacation.  So I took a few days off from school and we took on the tea gardens of Darjeeling. We stayed at Makaibari Tea Estate which is just outside of Darjeeling in a town called Kurseong.  We stayed with a family that works for the tea plantation and got to tour the grounds and the factory and see how tea is made.  Mom, who sells tea and caters tea functions, was in HEAVEN!  While driving around Darjeeling, she even spotted plantations from which she has bought tea!  This area of India has been influenced a lot by Nepal and Tibet and of course, the British.  It was such a different culture than what I have seen of India so far.

mom picks her first "two leaves and a bud"

tea pickers at work on the beautiful mountain side

houses in the tea fields

inside the tea factory with our guide

after our tea factory tour with our nepali hats.

the clouds over darjeeling

in the tasting room with the raj himself, mr. banerjee

our sweet host family and my mom, the giant

Then we took on Agra, the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and…you’ll never guess what else…

early morning taj viewing

an amazing creation

keeping the taj clean and holy

so many amazing and delicate designs

we definitely stood out in a crowd

i might get this one framed

a camel, a goat, and a bike were driving...

breakfast on the roof of our hotel

mom's first ride in an auto-rickshaw

a tour of agra fort and more amazing designs

saris are beautiful


we couldn't believe our eyes

On the way back to Delhi we stopped and got McDonald’s and a large chocolate shake has NEVER tasted so good.  We made it Delhi with time to spare before Mom had to be at the airport so with Agra not being the cleanest, most welcoming place in India, I thought Mom should end her Indian journey with a trip to the mall for a make-over.

post shampoo, style and a free MAC makeover

Then Mom was dropped off at the airport to head to Japan to visit my brother Corban and I was dropped at the train station to head back to Mussoorie.  It was a great two weeks.

Thanks so much Mom for making the trip!!


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2 Responses to lifetime movie of the week: mom and daughter take on india

  1. ellen says:

    looks like you had an amazing visit! i love that your mom is trotting all over the globe to visit her internationally dispersed children. great photos too. can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

  2. deairby says:

    Great report, Bethany, you get an A+++, not that I’m grading 🙂

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