more of junk food: if 7th graders ruled the world

One of the things we find most difficult about being here is the food.  We love Indian food as much as the next American but are usually underwhelmed at lunch time.  Cafeteria food rarely impresses, but it can actually be revolting when it veers too far from idiot-proof junk food standbys: pizza, chicken wings, nachos, etc… and instead gets mired in a runny, spicy, pungent, goopy rut.  But enough about my poops…

In any case, we would not be alone in saying that Woodstock is a world-class boarding school in spite of its meal program, not because of it. If you don’t believe us, here’s what happened when the school menu committee wisely decided to solicit feedback from the 7th graders (endearing Hinglish and formatting irregularities left intact):

1) Thrice weekly milkskakes

“I strongly need continetal food and no indain or spicy food at all (i actually am aulurgic from spicy food). And My suggestions are pizza (i mean pizza not the ones they make now), good snacks (and we should take as much as we want…ok at least three times), milkskake thrice a week, and especially good not bad food and what jiyeon said i totally agree!”

2) They all expired.

“I like pizza(if possible, cook like domino’s pizza) with coke,french fries, burgers, ice cream, and I hate lasagne(it’s too oilly), seasonal fruit(they all expired)”

3) Stop cooking; just order in.

“when ever we will have lunch or dinner in woodstock, i think they should order the foods from rice bowl, dominos,, etc… cause i don’t think woodstock make any food so good.

‘for example there are so big differences between  woodstock pizza and domino’s pizza.

but if this is not possible at all, i think woodstock should increase the amounts of menu, cause it seems like we are eatting the same things everyday,

and the food is really bad”

4) And I will crush people who like vegetables…

“i want to eat pizza , riceboll food or anything that isnt normal food at woodstock. i dont mind chips burgers, or any drinks

i will agree with people who have same idea as me”

5) More of junk food.

“more variety in non-indian food
and we get dal and rice EVER DAY! more of junk food”

I think the (7th grade) people have spoken.  The shocking consensus?  MORE OF JUNK FOOD.  Now make it happen, menu committee!


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2 Responses to more of junk food: if 7th graders ruled the world

  1. Canite Brown says:

    oh my…. that looks incredibly disgusting. Change is needed NOW. I am with the one student who says: “i will agree with people who have same idea as me”

  2. ellen says:

    thank you for making me laugh so hard! yes, “more of junk food” ….hope it happens while you are there…

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