sign of the apocalypse: abe gives a talk on “purity”

our reasons for being here are coming into clearer focus these days.  in addition to our paid positions as music teachers, we are stepping into fill a void as mentors for some of the christian kids in the school.  there is a group who organize the worship for the monthly chapel meetings, and we have been meeting with them to clarify exactly what should be their goals when they prepare worship music for a group of 500 christians, hindus, muslims, sikhs and atheists.  (i can’t help but think how many american churches would kill for this kind of evangelistic opportunity.)

also, we are leading a group called “sunday fellowship” which is something like a youth group: 20-30 kids playing games, watching videos, singing chris tomlin songs, and trying to “stay christian”.  it’s funny because when i was looking for a job, i avoided positions with churches that wanted me to split time between worship and youth.  “i’m a serious musician,” i thought to myself.  “besides, what do I have to offer teenagers?”

we’re about to find out real soon.  this weekend is an official school retreat for high school students.  there are about 40 kids signed up, and the theme for the retreat is: 1 timothy 4:12: “don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.”

i was asked to talk about “purity” and after some urging i eventually relented.  besides the fact that i have no real qualifications or wisdom on the topic at hand, i also don’t really know how to speak to high schoolers.  so i ask you: what would you say?  how would you discuss the topic?  what issues would you address?  i don’t want to simply tell them that “sex is bad, mmmkay” because i think they probably hear that enough as it is and also that’s what they’ll expect me to say.  surely the exchange from Mark 7 has got to make an appearance, rigtht?  what else?  seriously, if you have ideas about what to say or how to say it, i’d like to hear them.  i have to prepare it by Friday.


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3 Responses to sign of the apocalypse: abe gives a talk on “purity”

  1. Melissa says:

    If you haven’t got it all figured out yet, you might take a listen to the last few sermons that we had this Sunday. From Colossians 3. The first is on money (New Life, New Affections) , the second (and maybe the most relevant) is on sex (Sex and the New Life), and the third is on anger (Greed and the New Life). Let us know how it goes! We’re praying for wisdom and clarity and not total ostracism from the youth when you’re done. =) (I’m sure you will do fine!)

    • Melissa says:

      (That is, the last three sermons from the last three Sundays.)

    • Kim Vinson says:

      I was going to recommend the sex sermon talk too from ICC too. It was great and I had a chance to talk to some teenagers after the sermon about this. I have a niece who is the pastor’s daughter’s age and I have wanted to talk to her about this topic too but haven’t been sure how to. Their advice to me was JUST DO IT! They told me not to be afraid or hesitant but be bold, open, and honest. Sounds like God is using you in many ways there. So happy for ya’ll!

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