photos: indian independence day

dale seefeldt supposedly moved to the states, but he left his evil twin here to continue their nefarious work.

bethany in her sari for indian independence day. this is before she realized she was wearing it backwards.

clay cups

in matters vegetable, animal, and mineral, he is the very model of a modern major-general

here we are schmoozing with our boss.

at woodstock, security is job #1.

these kids are NOT cute.

ruben, on the L, is in my homeroom. he likes to play green day songs on guitar and is fond of asking me to play the chords so he can "play the lead".

Indian kids from Nagaland in their traditional garb.

these are traditional Indian grease patties.

"sari i'm so adorable."

fire extinguishers


our guard monkey with his trainer.

me and the chaplain.


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2 Responses to photos: indian independence day

  1. kokie says:

    You look so beautiful as an Indian woman, and I love these photos.

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