cd update: the one you paid for but doesn’t yet exist

i always feel like i have to justify making recordings of myself, so bear with me while i do.

this past christmas, b and i purposed to record some songs for church to distribute to the congregation to aid our communal worship together.  we made a good start during a 4-day visit to Augusta (thanks to the hoovers and brandt fincher) but then we got back to atlanta and everything got put on hold when our schedules blew up.  then when we found out i wouldn’t be continuing to work for the church, the original purpose was lost but i felt new urgency to capture some of the songs that i knew would not live on without us, either because they were original arrangements of mine (eternal beam of light divine) or because they were obscure little gems that deserved a broader hearing (like the publican) and weren’t otherwise available on youtube or The Fish.

when we needed to raise a bit of support to move to India, it made sense to offer the songs as a parting gift to those who had worshiped and played with us over the past 7 years at St. Paul’s.  something to remember us by and also a thank you for the support that was making our move possible.  as a gift, it’s not much; a cd is really only worth a couple bucks in terms of physical value, and probably less if it’s made on a macbook by abe okie, so we are thankful for those who pre-ordered a copy.

the aforementioned update is that i’m finishing up the mixing now.  the recording was finished up the day before we flew out.  now the mixes are nearly complete but need some tweaks here and there to make them as listenable as possible.  please forgive the delay; we’ve now learned that it’s best not to move around the world in the middle of a recording project.  we hope to get it printed and mailed out to everyone within a month or so.

i may post some thoughts on the songs when the disc arrives, but here is the set list and one very rough mix to whet your appetite.

(if you somehow missed the opportunity to order one before we left, let us know and we’ll have one shipped to you.)


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7 Responses to cd update: the one you paid for but doesn’t yet exist

  1. We miss you guys! Love the song!!!

  2. wtomas says:

    Gorgeous. And a good word for us today.

    I don’t know if we pre-ordered, but we definitely want one.

  3. Canite Brown says:

    Can we order one? Missing you two and your music —

  4. Melissa says:

    Buck did order one at your goodbye party, right? I think what I’m unsure of is if he paid… Maybe we’re even with B’s order for Ch. Anyway, let me know if we owe ya. We’re really looking forward to the cd!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Did we pre-order? We would definitely like one, please. Ya’ll look beautiful in your Indian garb 🙂

  6. Julia J says:

    Yo, how do you order a CD?

  7. Adam powers says:

    Hey there friend, our address was wrong on this cd list. Could you send one here?
    3301 Henderson mill re unit o-3
    Atlanta , ga, 30341

    Love the pics guys, wish we were there!

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