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photos: indian independence day


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cd update: the one you paid for but doesn’t yet exist

i always feel like i have to justify making recordings of myself, so bear with me while i do. this past christmas, b and i purposed to record some songs for church to distribute to the congregation to aid our … Continue reading

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monkey urine: more valuable than you’d think

a few days after school started, i noticed a man who would walk through the quad with a large monkey on a leash.  it was like he was walking a dog, only the dog was a very hairy man who … Continue reading

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photos: early august in mussoorie and dehradun

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shopping: an observation

the difference between shopping in india vs shopping in the states basically boils down to this: in the states you have one big store selling 19 different frying pans.  in india, you have 19 different stores, all selling the same … Continue reading

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