like a box of chocolates: a realization

I’ve always heard stories about people going overseas and how they “had trouble with their visas”. And I’d think, what’s so tricky and unknowable about the visa that nobody ever knows for sure if or when they will get them? I mean, when you apply for a driver’s license, there’s no real ambiguity. You might fail the test, but you get an actual score which tells you if you pass or not and by how much. A marriage license is even easier, as long as you’re not related. With the visa, there’s no such objective measure of who gets them and who doesn’t. Your entire round-the-world move might just depend on your agent’s disposition, sex life, or lunch prospects. So we’re learning firsthand why the visa is such a black hole of bureaucratic mystery. You really never know what you’re going to get.

Thankfully, we got what we asked for. Bethany’s visa should follow tomorrow and then we’ll be on the homestretch to our departure date.

Yesterday we found out which house we’ll be in. It’s an older cottage relatively close to the school (5 minute walk), has a great view, and our next door neighbors will be the Wildmans. I don’t know if he’s actually wild or not, but Pete is a Liverpoolian with a nice guitar collection and some recording equipment. I’m not sure how many guitars Dot has, but regardless we are grateful to be living so close to what would seem to be such ideal neighbors and friends.


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One Response to like a box of chocolates: a realization

  1. Dea Irby says:

    Praise God! Thanks for the blog, love reading your writing.

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