Like a hole in the head: a rationale

We are headed to India.  No doubt you know that already unless you’re just one of those people who surf random blogs.  We leave in just over a month, and each day the reality of what we are undertaking sets in bit more.

There are questions about why and how and where we are going which we will address.  For now we want you to know that this blog was created to help us stay connected with our dear friends in our dear motherland.  Whether or not you care to read another blog, it will mean so much to us to know that you stand behind us and are thinking of and praying for us.  You will be missed immensely.

Beyond that, there’s nothing much to report yet, but we are thick into the preparations: packing, planning, freaking out.  For his part, Abe is eating lots of beef, stocking up for the lean months ahead.  Right now we are applying for work visas, which is really the last big hurdle to clear.  We are also working on some recordings of church songs we’d like to leave behind as parting gifts so stay tuned for that.  Let us know if you want a copy.  We will be raising a modest amount of support to cover some of our stateside expenses, so expect an awkward phone call from one of us soon.  (Just kidding about the phone call part.)

That’s all for now.  Namaste!


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4 Responses to Like a hole in the head: a rationale

  1. Michelle Gilbert says:

    I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to hear more! 🙂 Hope all goes smoothly with the packing, planning, visa getting… etc. xoxo Michelle

  2. Adam W. Powers says:

    I want a copy of those songs!

  3. The Sharpleys says:

    Looking forward on what’s in store for the Okies in India!

  4. Erinq says:

    NEED A COPY. Please? Does Abe say “PUT YER HANDS TOGETHER!” on the recording? If not, can I request a special copy?

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